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Galvanized Wire

We offer advanced quality Galvanized Wires, which are incorporated with uniform zinc coating, bright surface finish and consistent mechanical properties. Basically, these are the high carbon or mild carbon steel wires, which have been coated with zinc, so as to bestow superior attributes to the base wire. Offered wires are extremely resistant to moisture as well as mechanical harm (in comparison with other surface coatings), and have a much bright as well as smooth surface finish. Some major application areas of Galvanized Wires are in the areas of construction, consumer goods, agriculture, fencing, domestic, bucket handle etc.

Key Points :
  • Provided with protective barrier of zinc is that is applied between the steel and the surrounding.
  • Give superior cathodic protection, excellent preventive coating, which prevents rusting and corrosion.
  • Ultra-strong, stable length, prevent the entrance of corrosive matters.
  • Accessible with variety of coating weights proffered to meet assorted market applications.
Galvanized Steel Wire
Galvanized Steel Wire
  • Attention : One head one roll, in single length, without breaks
  • Quantity in one 20ft container : 25 tons generally (different sea company, different weight limited)
  • Production time for 25 tons : Within 7 days
  • Wire diameter : 0.45mm-4mm (8gauge -26gauge)
Price : 630 USD ($)
Galvanized Wire for Weaving Welded Wire Mesh
Galvanized Wire for Weaving Welded Wire Mesh
  • Attention: one head one roll,in single length,without breaks
  • Quantity in one 20ft container: 25 tons generally(different sea company,different weight limited)
  • Production time for 25 tons: within 7 days
  • Wire diameter : 0.45mm-4mm(8gauge -26gauge)
Price : 600 USD ($)